MINI Takes The States Official Video

Well, was the first to post a link to the mov file of this video 9 days ago, but it looks like has found a Google Video version! This video is just great entertainment for any MINI enthusiast. Really made me feel like I was almost there. To the one gentleman who lost his wife, I hope you found what you were looking for! Now – if you look carefully, you will see some Motoring Fun MINI Club members in the video! MINIATIC was spotted at time marker 7:02. Are you in the video? Post your time marker in the comments section.

[ MTTS Video @ ]
[ MTTS Video @ ]

Motoring Fun MINI Club Signature Badge

Introducing the Motoring Fun MINI Club signature badge. Proudly display your membership in your signature files. Also, first edition MFMC T-shirts are in the works and should be ready soon. I will be starting a T-shirt order thread on NAM once I get the deisgn finalized so you can list quantity and sizes desired before I put the order in. A super HUGE thank you to COOPERation for his awesome design skills in creating the badge!

Motoring Fun MINI Club

New Sponsors

I would like to give a big welcome and thank you to our newest sponsors: M7 Tuning and Vista MINI.

M7 Tuning provides some unique aftermarket tuning options for your MINI. They will be joining us on November 15, 2006 at 9pm EST in our chat room for our monthly Motoring Fun MINI Club meet so we hope to see you there.

Vista MINI of Coconut Creek, Florida offers a top-notch MINI buying experience. They are experts at guiding you through the entire process of obtaining a MINI with a goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

Please support our sponsors by clicking on their links and letting them know you appreciate their support of!

Motoring Fun Image Gallery Debut

For those who have not noticed the new link at the top of the page called “Gallery”, let me direct your attention there now. Introducing the Motoring Fun Image Gallery. There you will find pictures of MINI events, club member MINIs and other motoring-related images. Here are the latest additions to the gallery:

MINI Cooper Image Gallery MINI Cooper Image Gallery MINI Cooper Image Gallery
Mickey and MINI British Car Show Club Member MINIs

Attention Motoring Fun MINI Club members – send in your pictures of your MINI or Mini. If you really want to get crazy, send in a picture with YOU and your MINI / Mini. Submit your photos to site.gallery01 @ Please make sure to name your files in the following format “username001.jpg”, “username002.jpg”, etc. This will help me sort and organize them much easier. Also, if you could please limit your pictures to no wider than 800 px and no taller than 600 px that would help as well.

Product Spotlight – MyMini Leather Door Panels

Once again we would like to thank MyMini for their continued support. This week we would like to let you all know of a cool new mod Pete from MyMini is offering – custom leather door panels. He has partnered with Michael Noel (known for his superb Bentley and Rolls Royce work) in producing a totally custom, high-quality Italian leather interior look for your MINI. They have 40 colors to choose from so the combinations are endless! They can also do tufted, pleated or rolled inner panels with smooth, grained or perforated leather or Alcantara.

As always, please take a moment and click the image above for more information. Tell them sent you!

Announcing The MINI Club

Have you ever gone to a MINI meet with your local MINI club? If not, you REALLY need to get out and go to one. They are a BLAST! I have met some of the nicest people through my local club’s MINI events. Just having the chance to talk to other MINI enthusiasts and learning various tidbits about the car from the discussions is worth the effort to attend one.

Over the past couple of weeks, the chat room has hosted some great discussion and people are starting to get to know eachother and form a virtual MINI club of sorts. As a result, I would like to announce that the MINI Club has been officially formed and YOU are a member if you have registered for a chat room screen name! Club badges are in the works!

Since we are all in various states and countries, it is not feasable to physically have a meet on a monthly basis like local clubs often do. Instead, we are going to be hosting monthly “Virtual” MINI Meets for the MINI Club. For each meet we will try to have a special guest that everyone should know. I am happy to announce that M7 Tuning and Fireball Tim have already agreed to be our guests for our first two events, respectively!

Going forward, the meet schedule will be posted on the Chat page located at:

I may set up a separate “MF MINI Club” page, but if I do I will post an update on the home page.

So far our schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, November 15 – 9pm EST / 6pm PST
M7 Tuning

Wednesday, December 13th – 9pm EST / 6pm PST
Fireball Tim

Of course the chat room will remain open 24/7 so come on in!