Game: The Passenger

Nokia has a pretty cool site up promoting the Nokia Multimedia Car Kit that features an online game where you get behind the wheel of a MINI Cooper and take “The Passenger” to different checkpoints. The footage used in the game looks real. According to, ìThe driving footage was shot with a car-mounted camera in all the streets of the Ile de St. Louis over 3 nights in November 2006, with additional scenes filmed at the Tour Eiffel, the Arc de Triomphe and the Heliport de Paris.î Obviously you use the Nokia Multimedia Car Kit to get you through each level. The GPS comes in handy to let you know where to go and the hands-free allows you to chat safely while on the go… you get the idea… Anyways – check it out – it is pretty slick.

[ The Passenger Game]

KONI Challenge at Daytona to Air on SpeedTV

RSR Motorsports fielded a MINI for the KONI Challenge Fresh from Florida 200 at Daytona with drivers Randy Smalley and Mark Congleton. Although the #197 MINI Cooper S had a last-minute engine swap and was running on a near-stock engine, it managed to finish the race in the middle of the pack.

The race will be shown on SpeedTV at the following dates and times:

Saturday, March 10th at 3:00AM
Saturday, March 10th at 8:00PM
Monday, March 12th at 3:00AM

KONI Challenge at Daytona by Minvader
[Photo by Minvader]

MyMini Is Now Minspeed

In case you haven’t noticed recent posts referring to MyMini as Minspeed, here is the reason behind the name change. While it is sad that BMW/MINI has chosen this course of action, I am confident that Pete will emerge from this better than ever. I personally want to thank Pete for his support, both locally with our MINI club, and with He is a class act and I am sure others will agree that his customer service is paramount to his success. I wish Pete the best in this new journey and look forward to what new things await us. Motor On!

Minspeed by MyMini

At the behest of BMW-MINI legal counsel, we are changing our name to Minspeed (, Effective February 25, 2007.

No reason to give the details here but are willing to comply with the request since we have a good relationship with mini.

The change is in name only and will not be a change in ownership, location or operations.

We appreciate the response we’ve had from our clients worldwide and will continue to bring you the finest products we can offer mini owners. With the change will come more, new and interesting items, including our new R56 additions and bespoke built cars.

I thank you all for your kind words and support of MyMini these past few years but i’m looking forward to taking on new challenges and what the future will bring us all!
Look for us to become Minspeed !

Peter Foglia

ALTA MINI Performance Chat Transcript

Once again – thanks to all of you who came out tonight for the 4th Motoring Fun MINI Club “virtual” meet with special guest ALTA MINI Performance. We had about 20 people in the room throughout the night. A TON of information was covered and we even went into overtime. Thanks to ALTA for spending the time to answer all the questions! As promised, here is the transcript from tonight’s chat… Enjoy and hope to see you in the chat room soon!
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MyMini/Minspeed Dyno Day – Video

I know many of you have been e-mailing me asking where the video from the MyMini Dyno Day was… Well – it took me a while to find some time to edit the various pieces of footage together and put it all in one video. The video starts off with my car (Scooter) getting a baseline dyno run and then getting the JCW Exhaust with the MyMini/Minspeed resonator eliminator and JCW intake installed. Then various dyno runs are shown, ending it all with an MCS with a nitros sprayer! Enjoy!

[ MyMini Dyno Day – Part 1 ]
[ MyMini Dyno Day – Part 2 ]
[ MyMini Winter Dyno Day Gallery ]

Review: Minspeed JCW Resonator Eliminator

I have now been driving around with the JCW exhaust equipped with the MyMini/Minspeed resonator eliminator for a month and feel I can now give a true assessment of this mod. For those that missed it, check out the MyMini Winter Dyno Day posts (see links below) for information on my installation.

The resonator eliminator gives the JCW exhaust a deeper and throatier sound. It is louder than stock, but ONLY when you get on the gas. I find that the burble is much more pronounced and louder. If you are one of those MINI owners that hates the burble (or ìback-firingî as some call it), than this mod (or most any exhaust mod for that matter) is not for you. I have found a way to control the burble, however. If you keep the revs consistent while shifting (ie. matching revs), you can actually suppress the burble for the most part. If you want more burble, simply press the gas a bit and let off completely. It really is quite a bit of fun playing with this aspect of the exhaust and enhances the motoring experience.

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Motoring in Second Life

MINI will soon be motoring through the virtual world of Second Life.

According to the blog, the Hammer & Coop episodes will air in Second Life. Then they will feature “items from the films that are given out as 3D SL [Second Life] objects”. There will be a contest involving the objects and posting screenshots to a MINI Flickr account. Winners will receive real MINI swag.

A bit more information (along with some cool screenshots) is given by the company responsible for helping Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners take the MINI to Second Life.† Visit the website Millions of Us for more.