MC2 Magazine At MINI United

Hey everyone, get ready for Zandvoort and MINI United this weekend! Several weeks ago while preparing our Rob Marshall for his editorial coverage of MINI United we had to talk with MINI United staff in Munich. Well, one conversation led to another that week and we rented a 5×5 meter tent at MINI United complete with some furniture and tables for our T-shirts and magazines. We will have ourselves a party with about 10,000 other MINIacs at Zandvoort Raceway, outside of Amsterdam, Holland!

We have all our ducks in a row, Rob and his buddy Neil are on their way Thursday, and our online editor, Peter DuPre’s, working behind the website’s homepage to take the exclusive editorials Rob will send several times this weekend, put them into our website, and tell everyone in photos and insights about who, what and why it is this is the party of the year for MINI owners.

So, click onto any time starting Thursday afternoon PST and read what our guys at MINI United are up to with insights into MINI owners from lands far away. It’s required reading, as we might one day have a party in the USA like it!

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