ALTA Performance Opens New Headquarters

Just got word that ALTA is moving into some new digs, complete with a dyno tuning facility. Very cool!


The ALTA Performance Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of its new headquarters in Hillsboro, OR. The 30,000 sqft building, which is adjacent to Intelísô Hillsboro campus, will accommodate all of ALTAís manufacturing, assembly and sales staff as well as a boutique style outlet & dyno tuning facilities.

In a statement on the completion of acquisition of the Headquarters building,

ALTAís C.E.O. Adam Taft said:

“I am extremely pleased to make this step forward for our company. The new facility will enable us to gather all of our staff, machinery and vehicles into one building as well as have an extraordinary show room. We finally have a gathering place for like minded automotive enthusiasts.î

3111 N.E. Shute Rd. Hillsboro Oregon 97124

Our phone numbers will remain unchanged

Phone 1-503-222-6464
Phone 1-503-643-4677
Fax 1-503-644-9857


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  1. New facility and a Lamborghini in the parking lot, business must be good. Nice new digs Alta.

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