Video: Homestead Track Weekend 2009

Another great track weekend is in the books. As usual, a fun time was had by all. The weekend started off at a fast pace with the MINIs laying down some fast laps. A few Porsche drivers came over to the MINI garage to examine more closely why they were getting passed by these little cool cars. I am happy to report everyone finished the weekend safe and sound, even though the grass at the speedway is a little shorter after some of the lawn mowing that took place;). Here is a video from one of my sessions. It starts off slow, but gets going pretty good… Enjoy!

Back On Track

Big thanks to the various messages you all have sent in regarding my my last post. Things are settling down a bit now and it is time to try to get back to “normal” (whatever that is!). I plan to do just that by getting back to the track this weekend :). April 25-26, PBOC will be hosting another track weekend at the Homestead-Miami Speedway. If you are in the area, stop by and say hi!

Homestead Miami Speedway MINI Track Time

I talked a long time friend of mine into bringing out his brand new G37 to see what it could do. It is fun to watch the excitement as someone gets ready for their first track day. As usual I will have video and photos :). Stay tuned!

Another Sad Day

As many of you know, it has been a rough 6 months for me and my family as we have watched my father-in-law battle stage 4 cancer. Sadly, he lost his battle today and the world lost a great man. He fought so bravely and with such determination, that there were times I thought he had the thing licked. Unfortunately, the cancer kept coming back with vengeance, that ultimately overcame him.

Through it all, he stayed positive and showed us all how to live day by day, cherishing the things most important – family, friends and God. I was lucky enough to be with him in his last hours and, while I am saddened to see him go, I take comfort in knowing he is not suffering anymore. I may have lost a father-in-law, but gained an angel up in heaven looking down upon me and my family.

Thanks so much for all the prayers and words of support that I have received from many of you. This is indeed a great MINI community.

MINI to Introduce ìPerpetual Motionî Magnetic Propulsion System

Here is an “official” MINI press release for today, April 1st, 2009:

MINI USA looks set to take a world lead in fuel efficiency with the announcement today (April 1) of a revolutionary magnetic propulsion system that will extend the range of its MINI E to several hundred, possibly even thousands of miles, on a single overnight charge of electricity.

Drawing on the same Magnetic Tow Technology (MTT) which was announced by BMW in the UK today, MINI USA has developed its own unique Propulsion / Repulsion 0401 (PR0401) System that is just one short step away from perpetual motion in an automobile.

MINIís PR 0401 System uses a series of magnets situated in the MINI Eís moving and fixed parts of each of its four wheel hubs to both pull and push the wheels in the desired direction, exploiting the magnetsí natural tendency to attract and repel. Not only does this system allow the MINI PR to travel extraordinary distances for just a few cents, it produces virtually no noise as the electric motor can be switched off once the car is moving.

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