It Sure Has Been a Hot Summer So Far!

Man, let me tell you… this summer has been brutal! Not only did we hit new heat index records here in South Florida (hitting 110 earlier this week), but my AC died at my house and left me and my family sweating for several days. Thankfully we were able to sleep at a neighbor’s house and took a trip to Orlando to stay in a hotel to keep cool. The week before, we were sweating it out in the hot South Florida sun at Palm Beach International Raceway for the Braman MINI 50th Birthday Bash. What a fun time that was. Huge props to the folks at Braman MINI for putting on one heck of an event.

Braman MINI 50th Birthday Bash

There were MINIs from as far away as Jacksonville to came down to celebrate. $10 got you in the track for the whole day of go-karting, drag strip runs, auto-x and more! I took Scooter out on the drag strip and managed to click off a 15.098 second 1/4 mile. In that run, I actually beat a brand new Infinity G37 :). Unfortunately, my day got cut short because I had to go start dealing with my ailing AC, but I still had a blast!

Braman MINI Track Day To Celebrate Mini’s 50th Birthday

Palm Beach’s Braman MINI will be following Vista MINI’s lead in throwing a birthday bash for the Mini on Sunday, June 14th. Braman appears to be putting out all the stops for this event – a full day at the track for ALL Mini/MINI clubs to attend. This is the first time I have seen a local dealer in South Florida attract MINIacs from all over the state for a dealer event. It should be a lot of fun and a great chance to see people you don’t get to see except for larger events like Mickey and MINI.

Braman MINI 50th Birthday Bash

MINIacs will be able to try their hand at autocross, a road course and even try out their MINIs on the drag strip at the newly renovated Palm Beach International Raceway (formerly Morosso). A live band, “Ever So Klever”, will be performing and there will be plenty to do for the whole family. An event flyer is located at the link below, so if you are in the “region”, come on out and say hi!

[ Event Flyer ]

[ Map of Event ]

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