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Vista MINI’s 50th Anniversary Party

Like other dealers around the world, Vista MINI will be hosting a 50th anniversary bash to celebrate the Mini’s 50th anniversary. A full car show and BBQ is planned and a fun time will be had by all. If you will be in the South Florida area on May 31st, make sure to stop by and say hi. A big thanks to all the hard working people at Vista MINI for putting this event on! Click the banner for all the info!

Vista MINI 50th Anniversary Party

MF Desktop Wallpaper Collection – 7th Edition (Mickey & MINI 4)

Another Mickey & MINI is in the record books and this year was the best one yet!! With 300 of the best MINIacs this side of the Mississippi, Orlando was THE place to be this weekend. It was so nice to see familiar faces from last year and so cool to see so many new faces who, for some, this was their first MINI event ever! I plan on having a full weekend recap once I get my photos retouched (darn camera lens got mucked up and now there are spots on most of my photos :().

Mickey & MINI 4 Wallpaper
1280 x 1024

Mickey & MINI 4 Wallpaper
1920 x 1200

I am also working on a video from the weekend as well. For now, enjoy the group photo from our Saturday Morning Motoring adventure which led us to the main EPCOT parking lot in front of Spaceship Earth. There were 68 MINIs/Minis that made up this photo. If you look close, you will see we had to double them up and create a second row. Sadly, I am short and did not have a tall platform to get an aerial shot to get all the cars in both rows in the shot (hmmm…. there is always next year ;)).

Photos: MINI Takes The States 2008 – Miami

It sure was hard getting up today and having to get back to the grind after this weekend. I was pretty wiped, but managed to sort through my photos (all 359 of them!). Don’t worry, I cut them down to the best 140 pics ;). This gave me my first chance to do something like this with iPhoto on the Mac – pretty cool piece of software by the way.

MINI Takes The States 2008 Miami

Next on the list to tackle is sorting through all the video footage and finish my review of the weekend (what I liked, what could be improved for next time, etc.). For now, enjoy the photos.

[ MTTS 2008 Miami Photo Gallery ]

Mini: One of Dozen Most Important Cars of All Time has a cool article listing the 12 most important cars of all time. Of course, the Model T takes top honor for obvious reasons, but you might be interested to know that the BMC Mini took 8th spot:

First car in the world to lie the engine across the vehicle rather than longitudinally. Revolutionary design proved that cars could get smaller √≥and still be hot. Its technical layout was copied by everybody and is still basically used in today’s small cars. Ten feet long with 10 inch wheels, it handled like a dream.

Big thanks to Snooter for this find!

[ Full Article Here ]

La Carrera Panamericana 2007 Kicks Off

If you paid attention during the Mickey and MINI recap, you know about Team Pedro & Jose who are taking their Classic Mini down to Mexico to run in the La Carrera Panamericana (an international car rally held in Mexico covering 2000 miles in 7 days). The MINI community has show their support through donations as well as blood, sweat and tears to make this a possibility for the two-man team from South Florida. Well the race kicked off yesterday and we hope to have updates coming soon! Since I will be with the rest of “Team Minspeed” at Sebring this weekend, I encourage you to check out the team’s blog at the link below as I probably will not be able to post updates for the next few days! Here’s to Team Pedro & Jose!!!

La Carrera Panamericana

[ Team Pedro & Jose Blog ]
[ La Carrera Panamericana ]