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MINI USA vs. Microsoft

Being a recent “switcher” to the Mac, I have been noticing more and more certain subtle jabs from each camp. Mac “fanboys”, as they are called, take swipes at Microsoft every chance they get, even if it is only comedic. “Winblows” users do the same ;). Well, it would seem that someone over at MINI USA’s marketing team has a sense of humor and may be on the Mac side of the fence.

In an animation displayed on the site, a large vehicle is shown, trying to parallel park into a tight spot. When the car can’t fit, a text bubble is displayed, showing text characters, representing curse words. One of the characters used happens to be the Windows logo. Quite funny, if I do say so myself.

[ MINI Cooper Uses Microsoft Logo As Curse ]

MINI Takes The States 2008 Update

In an e-mail sent to select MINI owners last night, it looks like MINIUSA is shooting for March to deliver more detailed information on MINI Takes The States 2008. All I will say is, sure would be nice to have this information already, since some of us actually work and need to request vacation time well in advance (sigh). Thanks to MINI_Marc for this find (I apparently am not on the “list” because I did not receive the e-mail):

MINI Takes The States 2008