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New MINI iPhone/iPod Touch Game

MINI Financial Services released a new game for the iPhone/iPod Touch platform. I was actually starting to wonder how MINI could be so late to the game on an iPhone app when they have traditionally been on the cutting edge of every other marketing idea. Well, better late than never I suppose. Here is a video showing the app in action as well as the full press release:

MINI Press: In the spirit of providing iPhone and iPod touch users with some MINI-centric fun, all while encouraging them to hold onto more of their coin, MINI Financial Services today launched “MINI Liquid Assets,” MINI’s take on an old-school favorite, available for download at no charge from the iTunes App store. Continue reading New MINI iPhone/iPod Touch Game

MINI Cooper Challenge on Atari’s Race Pro

If you recall Race 07, the game by SimBin for the PC that features the MINI Cooper Challenge is one of the most realistic PC racing sims that I have seen to date. Well the good folks at SimBin are releasing a new game, called Race Pro, exclusively for the Xbox 360 that will also be a racing sim and feature the MINI Cooper Challenge. Since I don’t own an Xbox 360, I will have to rely on some of you to provide some feedback on this game. If Race 07 is any indication on the quality, I would say this will be a sweet game. Of course, I don’t think it will come close to GT 5 on the Playstation 3. Now THAT is a slick game :).

[ Race 07 Race Video ]

Flux Capacitor Mod Now Available!

Back to the Future is one of my all-time favorite movies. I remember watching in awe as a child, trying to think if the theories presented in the movie could actually work. Ok – so there were some “flaws” in some of the logic presented, but hey – the movie ROCKED! And who wouldn’t want a flux capacitor in their ride?? Well now you can have one installed in your MINI! The brainiacs over at are now selling 1,000 flux capacitors. Check this video out for a demonstration (note – MINI not used in demo video, but still pretty darn cool):

[ Flux Capacitor Mod @ ThinkGeek ]

Remote Control MINI Convertible

Brando Workshop has released some cool remote control cars featuring 2 versions of the R52 MINI convertible. What a great way to pay tribute to the end of the production of such a wonderfully designed vehicle!! Yes – you heard me right – the R52 convertible will be ending production later this summer to make way for the new 2009 convertible. If you have been procrastinating on getting one, now is your last chance to get a new one. Once their gone, you will be stuck with this tiny RC version (which is very cool too!) :).

MINI Cooper Convertible Remote Control Car

[ RC MINI Convertible @ Brando Workshop ]

Gran Turismo 5 To Feature 2006 MINI Cooper S

I don’t consider myself to be much of a gamer. However, I do love my driving simulators! As I hoped, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will once again feature the MINI Cooper S in its vehicle line up. If you have not had the chance to play around with the Gran Turismo HD demo on the PS3, I STRONGLY encourage you to check it out. The graphics are just AMAZING!!! At first I did not realize the footage I was watching was part of the game. It looked THAT real! Game is scheduled to be out mid-April, and from what I can see has the cheapest pre-order price on it for about $35.

[ Complete Car List ]

Virtual MINI Challenge: Daytona

Well I have been spending some time getting used to the road course at Daytona International Speedway via my new favorite racing sim – Race 07 – in hopes of learning the line in preparation for December’s track weekend. So far I have shaved 7 seconds off my lap times and I feel I am getting familiar enough with the line to try some new things. It will be very interesting to see how the virtual world of Race 07 translates to the real world of “Daytona 07”. The car physics seem pretty good in the game so who knows – it may help alot.

In this video, I have set the artificial intelligence (AI) of the other cars to 95% and I started the race in last place (I am driving the Red Nose Day MINI). Through the course of the short 4 lap race, I manage to drive through the field to finish in fourth place. I am still getting used to the AI and need to work on my braking around other cars (as you will see me slam a few lol). Hey – as long as I don’t do THAT in real life I should be fine! Hope you enjoy the video. Eventually I think it would be cool to record actual online races with real online players. I think it would make for some interesting entertainment to watch. Let me know what you think!

[ More Information On Race 07 ]

Video Game: MINI #37 – Arcade Racer Released!

It sure seems that there has been a lot of MINIs showing up in video games lately. I know I personally have been hooked on Race 07 which features the MINI Challenge (and as I reported earlier – I am using to practice for the upcoming Daytona track weekend). This game, however, is a bit different. MINI #37 is strictly MINIs. You may recall me drooling over this back in May. You will be able to drive any MINI for sale in showrooms and various “episodes” will be released over time. Well according to, Episode 1 is finally live and ready for download. Enjoy!

[ MINI #37 Arcade Racer Now Live! ]
[ Download MINI # 37 Arcade Racer ]