Today was an awesome day because after the morning event in Cheyenne, we stayed at one of the best hotels in the world – Staybridge Suites in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The Cheyenne morning event was alright but the hotel in Utah was awesome. It had a waterside, arcade, and a basketball court. While my dad went to MINI of Murray to get an oil change, I went on the water slide around 10 times and it went SUPER FAST. Then I went to the arcade and I won a ball from the claw machine. Then finally I went to the basketball court to shoot some hoops. The hotel had free dinner also. Overall, the hotel was awesome.

MTTS 2016: DAY 11 – Sturgis, SD – Cheyenne, WY

Today we went to Mount Rushmore which was awesome.  Their were a bunch of stairs to climb so it was so tiring going up. I did parkour there too.


After Mount Rushmore, we saw a cool billboard with an Alpine mountain coaster called Rushmore Mountain Coaster. When we arrived, we found out that the coaster was not complete yet so we could not ride which was horrible!  So then my awesome dad decided we could go on their zip line instead.


After the zip line we went to the Crazy Horse Memorial. Surprisingly, it was not finished either!


Then we went to Car Henge which is like Stone Henge but with cars.


After Car Henge we went to this really cool rodeo which was awesome. I did parkour on the hay bales there also and that was fun.


MTTS 2016: DAY 10 – Sioux Falls, SD – Sturgis, SD

Today we went to the Sioux Falls convention center and then we drove off for a scavenger hunt.


The first thing we did was go to Porter Sculpture Park.


Then we went to the Corn Palace and then we went to this other place called Al’s Oasis.



Then we went to this old town from 1880 but we didn’t make it in time for the scavenger hunt check-in, but we scanned it later from a pit crew member.


Then we went to this place called Wall Drugs and ate donuts. Finally we went to the Knuckle Saloon to end the night.


MTTS 2016: Day 9 – Minneapolis, MN – Sioux Falls, SD

Today was cool because we went had breakfast in Minneapolis and then we went to Paisley Park, where Prince recorded a few of his songs.


We then went to Minnesota’s largest candy store.  I got candy necklaces, a blue raspberry soda, and some raspberry lemonade which was awesome!


After the candy store we went to lunch and then we had a night on our own so we went to the Falls Park in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


The waterfalls were pretty cool too. After that we went to eat dinner and then we went to bed at the hotel. That pretty much summed up my day.

MTTS 2016: Day 8 – Green Bay WI, Minneapolis, MN

Today was a very fun day because we went to Mall Of America (MOA)! In the morning we went to this cool fairground and they had the best pancakes ever. The guy making them even threw them on my plate which was cool. IMG_8382After the fairground we went to a hay field to take a picture and then we went to the worlds largest talking cow.


IMG_8088Then we went to MOA and IT. WAS. AWESOME. It has a theme park inside of the mall and even better, it’s Nickelodeon themed. So the theme park is called Nickelodeon Universe. Nickelodeon is a TV channel with a bunch of cool shows so they made an indoor theme park. The first thing we did was not in Nickelodeon Universe. We went on this other ride in MOA called Fly Over America. It is a Soarin type ride that is in Epcot at Disney World although surprisingly the mall’s version was better than Disney’s version. Even my dad agreed.IMG_5702The reason we went on the Fly Over America before Nickelodeon Universe is because they have this thing where if you buy an unlimited pass after 5 in the afternoon you save around 10 bucks. So after we got the wristband for the unlimited rides, we went on a roller coaster called the Pepsi Orange Streak. It was so cool because it went around the entire park.IMG_9691After that we did a spinning ride. Then we went on this CRAZY one. Then we went on Ghost Blasters and we ate dinner at Bubba Gump. Then we went on a few more rides but then we had to go. That was my day and IT. WAS. AWESOME.IMG_8127

MTTS 2016: Day 7 – St. Ignace, MI – Green Bay, WI

Today we went to the Little Bear Ice Arena for breakfast. We then drove by the snowmobile museum and picked up a free ice scraper even though we live in Florida and it does not snow at all but thats ok. Then we made a surprise visit to my cousins and we gave them a bunch of toys as a thank you for supporting the Defy Hunger challenge.


That was really fun. After that we were sad to leave but we had to go to the evening event.


Now before I say these words, multiply them by 100. “Long Line.” The food line was HORRIBLE. It was so long we just decided to go eat at the place across the street. I wanted to go to a Wawa but oh well. So that pretty much sums up our day.


MTTS 2016: Day 6 – Detroit, MI – St. Ignace, MI

Today we drove from Detroit to St. Ignace. The first thing we did today was go to a race track called M1 Concourse that no one has ever gone on before which is pretty cool because we were the first ones.



After the track we drove to a cupcake shop where I got a free vanilla MINI cupcake and my dad got a chocolate MINI cupcake.


We then drove to St. Ignace and we went over the Mackinaw bridge which was awesome.


We took a ferry to Mackinaw Island where we ate dinner at this place called the SeaBiscuit Cafe. I had a grilled chicken sandwich and my dad had some fish. We then went to an ice cream place called Sanders. I got strawberry ice cream and I also got a gummy worm chocolate pretzel which was BEAST MODE!!! (Beast Mode = Awesomeness).

MTTS 2016: Day 5 – Pittsburgh, PA – Detroit, MI

IMG_0890Today we went to a horse racing track. They had breakfast and we watched horses with people riding on them which was pretty cool.

IMG_6882After the horse race we went to Lisbon, Ohio where the invention of the straw was made. Then we went to the Steel Trolley Diner where I ate french toast and oatmeal with friends from Ohio.


Then we went on these hilly roads on route 30 in Ohio. We finally ended the day at the Eastern Market in Detroit, MI.


MINI Seven North American Introduction

This morning at the MINI Takes The States rise and shine, MINI showed off their latest special edition – the MINI Seven!!  The package will cost about $2500 and is available in the 2 and 4 door hardtop. BThis is one sharp looking MINI!  Check out photos below:

MTTS 2016: Day 4 – Baltimore, MD – Pittsburgh, PA

Today we went from  Baltimore to Pittsburgh. The first thing we did today was go under a highway and hang out for the morning event. My dad also won the Online Activist award for the day for Feeding America Defy Hunger Team Challenge. Our team is in 3rd place overall which is cool.


We then went to this really cool elephant candy store. Here is a picture of some candy in the store.

IMG_4673After the candy store we went on a bunch of CRAZY twisty roads which really freaked me out but I had fun. Then we went to the Flight 93 Memorial which was very interesting because the plane crashed there from the passengers of the plane. I wrote a message as you can see below.

IMG_4140We then went to the soccer stadium  in Pittsburgh and we closed off the night.