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After many years on the same web server, I am finally upgrading and moving to the new WordPress 4.1.  Lots has changed from the old version I was using, so I am having to manually move each database table over one by one.  As a result, some data may be unavailable for a bit, but hang in there as I will do my best to bring as much of the site archives over as possible :).

Video: MINIs On The Dragon 2013

Just got back from another MINIs On The Dragon and it was a blast! Installed a new GoPro mount on Scooter and was able to capture some nice video:

Keep an eye out for a wild turkey that decided to cross the Dragon in front of me and got a bit surprised when I came up on him!

Introducing “MATH-U”

On September 1, 2012, we became a 2 MINI household! What I thought would NEVER happen, took 8 years to become a reality. You see, when I bought my first MINI Cooper in 2004 (it was an ’05 Chili Red Cooper), I had no idea how much my life would change over the next 8 years and the wonderful people I would meet as a result of this little car.

I wasn’t even aware there was a local MINI enthusiast club until I found Sunshine MINIs online and went to my first event – The inaugural Mickey & MINI. From that very first event, my wife, Laura, was with me – probably thinking to herself, “these people are nuts!”.

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Becoming a Two-MINI Family!

If you go back to 2007, you will find a post on this site where I talked about this crazy idea MINI had about coming out with a 4-door SUV! I mentioned that it would take a vehicle like that for my wife to ever consider getting a MINI herself. I re-stated this in 2008 when AutoExpress ran an article on the mysterious MINI SUV.

Well, the time has come and this weekend, my wife will officially enter into MINI ownership when we pick up her new 2012 MINI Cooper S Countryman! The minivan is gone and the MINI is almost home. Here is a photo of MATH-U as it came off the truck at the dealer:

MATH-U - the 2012 MINI Cooper S Countryman

The car is equipped with Premium, Technology and Sport packages (minus the 18″ wheels to make the ride a bit more comfortable). I look forward to tinkering with MINI Connected and hopefully will post some cool finds once I test some theories out ;). HUGE thanks to Vista MINI for making the car buying process so easy so far! I will try to post some more photos when we go pick it up. Saturday can’t come soon enough!

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Video: MINIs On The Dragon

Just in time for the 10th annual MINIs On The Dragon event, which I am leaving for tomorrow – here is a video I shot last year of my FIRST Dragon run!! What a blast! This year over 1100 MINIacs will be in attendance. Should be one crazy week of motoring and good times!!! I’ll try to be better about posting photos and videos a bit quicker this time around :).

MINIs On The Dragon 2011 Photos

Better late than never eh? LOL I was just about to post some photos from this past weekend’s Mickey and MINI event when I realized I hadn’t posted my photos from MINIs On The Dragon 9 from earlier this year. Well I guess Mickey and MINI photos will have to wait ;). MINIs On The Dragon was an absolute blast. Definitely going back next year for the 10th anniversary of MOTD! Are you coming?

MINIs On The Dragon 2011

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PS: I know it has been a while since I posted, so if you read this post, post a comment so I know someone is reading it lol ;). Who knows, I may just post more often or even pop in the CHAT ROOM!