You-ification for First-Generation MINIs

Last week we mentioned the new combined MINI Motoring Accessories / MINI MotoringGear brochure which contained accessories for the new second-generation MINIs. Well, MINI USA hasn’t forgotten about the owners of 2002-2006 Coopers and Cooper Ss, and 2002-present MINI Convertibles. They just released the MINI Motoring Accessories You-ification Workbook, so pick one up at your nearest MINI dealer.

MINI Motoring Accessories You-ification Workbook

Hammer and Coop T-Shirt Iron-On Transfer

Are you going through Hammer and Coop withdrawal yet? Did the last episode leave you wanting more? Have no fear – we have a special treat for you! Our good friends at MC2 Magazine have sent us a sneak peak into what is coming in the next issue of MC2 Magazine, issue #8 (May/June 2007): The Hammer and Coop Iron-On Transfer!!!

Hammer and Coop T-Shirt Iron-on Transfer

That’s right – now you can make your very own Hammer and Coop t-shirt! The iron-on transfer will be included in every issue of the May/June, 2007 issue of MC2 Magazine which will be mailed out around April 28th to all paid subscribers. If anyone wants extra copies to make some shirts for family and friends, will have them for sale in the back issues section for the usual $9, including shipping, starting in early May.

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Minspeed Featured in AutoWeek

Our very own Pete Foglia from Minspeed has been featured in the latest AutoWeek. The article discusses Pete’s original vision for his shop (formerly MyMini) and how the past few years has led him to where he is now (Minspeed). Also, my good buddy, Luis Gonzalez’s 2005 MINI Cooper S was also featured in the article, sporting quite a few Minspeed goodies. If you have not had a chance to check out Pete’s site, it is located at As someone who sees first-hand what Pete has done for the MINI community, I am glad that Pete is doing well and look forward to the new items he will be rolling out shortly. Keep up the good work Pete!

[ Minspeed Article @ AutoWeek ]

Shots Fired At AMVIV?

If you have not had a chance to listen to AMVIV Live! – Show #3, it looks like a few MINIs were damaged at last night’s Vegas Strip Cruise when some rowdy spectators decided to fire some BB guns at the line of MINIs on the street! Thankfully no one was hurt. Hopefully those MINIs that were damaged will make a speedy recovery. For more information, check out AMVIV Live!

[ Download AMVIV Live! – #3 ]

Podcast: AMVIV Live! – Part 3

We just finished recording AMVIV Live! – Show #3 and have it ready for download! A huge thanks to Agro, Will and Fireball Tim for joining us over the past 3 nights. For those of us who could not make it to Vegas for AMVIV, it was nice to hangout and get first-hand accounts of the days’ activities.

Thank you to all who showed up each night in the chat room and the hotline where the broadcast was able to be listened to live. Depending on your feedback, we may try that format again for future virtual meets.

[ Download AMVIV Live! – #3 ]
[ Download AMVIV Live! – #2 ]
[ Download AMVIV Live! – #1 ]

AMVIV Live! – Part 2

We just wrapped up AMVIV Live! – Show #2 and have it ready for download! Sounds like a good time is being had by all in Vegas. Sure wish I could be there. You too? Well – here’s the next best thing – download the show and it is as close to being there as you can get!

We will give it another try tomorrow night at the same time (9:30pm EST / 6:30pm PST). Hope you can join us!

[ Download AMVIV Live! – #2 ]

AMVIV Live! – Part 1

We just wrapped up our first ever audio event – AMVIV Live! and I think it went ok. We normally have our monthly meets in the chat room with no audio, but this time our special guests were live from A MINI Vacation In Vegas and called in to chat. Agro from Sin City Minis and Will from M7 Tuning joined us on the hotline and shared their experience thus far with AMVIV 4!

Let me say upfront that this is the first time we have tried something like this and we are, by no means, professional podcasters or broadcasters. Hopefully you will enjoy the show, nonetheless. We will give it another try tomorrow night and Saturday night at the same time each night (9:30pm EST / 6:30pm PST). Hope you can join us!

[ Download AMVIV Live! – #1 ]

New Fiat 500 Coming Soon

Ever since the Disney movie Cars was released, my 2 year old son has developed an affection for the Fiat 500 (in addition to his love for Minis of course!). Luigi is one of his favorite characters. I have to admit, the Fiat 500 has grown on me as well. Just this past weekend, we saw a classic red one parked at a shopping plaza in town. Needless to say, we were both excited and looked it over like kids in a toy store.

Fiat 500

Fiat Automobiles released some pictures of the new Fiat 500 coming out on July 4 of this year and I must say – I like it! In my opinion, the new interior slightly resembles some aspects of my 2006 MINI. It is unfortunate that we can not get them here in the states.

Fiat 500

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Review: Minspeed 15% Pulley

For those who don’t know, last month I pulled the trigger on the next logical step in the search for more power under the bonnet – the Minspeed 15% supercharger pulley. If you recall, back at the Minspeed (MyMini) Winter Dyno Day, my 2006 MINI Cooper S was upgraded from stock status to modded status with the addition of the JCW intake and JCW exhaust with the Minspeed resonator eliminator. Those two mods put a grin on my face from the increased torque and enhanced sound, but nothing can compare to what was to follow next. Enter the pulley…

Minspeed 15% pulley

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