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MINI Takes The States 2008 Update

In an e-mail sent to select MINI owners last night, it looks like MINIUSA is shooting for March to deliver more detailed information on MINI Takes The States 2008. All I will say is, sure would be nice to have this information already, since some of us actually work and need to request vacation time well in advance (sigh). Thanks to MINI_Marc for this find (I apparently am not on the “list” because I did not receive the e-mail):

MINI Takes The States 2008

Where To Rent A MINI Cooper

I stumbled on this site today and I thought it was pretty cool. Ever want to go to a MINI event outside your local area but didn’t want to show up without a MINI? Well now you can easily find rental companies that stock MINIs. Now keep in mind that the site is new and content is being added – so if your target destination is not listed, be patient or send them a note.

[ MINI Cooper Rental Portal ]

Video Game: MINI #37 – Arcade Racer

Now this is something I can not wait for! South African animation company, Luma, has developed a new racing game that is sure to be a hit – “MINI #37 – Arcade Racer”. Cars will be added as new versions of the game are released. Coming this month, this game will eventually let the player select all the types of MINIs you can configure for purchase including classic Minis and JCW’s. Heck maybe even a GP will sneak in there ;). The game will start with tracks in South Africa, and new courses will be added as new versions are released. From what I have seen, the graphics will be stunning. Check out the following description from They also posted some screen shots that are worth checking out too. Enjoy!

MINI#37 is an episodic racing game and every couple of months or so, new sections of the game will be released. The first public release (Episode One) will be available in May of this year. It will include tracks set in Newtown as well as Cape Town (tracks include Camps Bay, the V&A Waterfront, and the dock area). Each city/location will consist of three tracks, and new cars will also be available as downloadable updates or as part of the next release. All of the MINI vehicles will eventually be available, including vintage MINI’s and some hotted up MINI’s like the GP and JCW.

There are two game modes: Arcade Mode will feature single races on any of the unlocked tracks, and Championship Mode will require players to compete through a series of tracks in Grand Prix style racing. Both game modes will be playable as single player or multiplayer experiences.

[ MINI #37 – Arcade Racer Trailer Download ]
[ MINI #37 – Arcade Racer Website ]
[ Screenshots ]
[ Luma ]

How the MINI Cooper Works

I came across this very inclusive article on the history of the MINI over at Take a moment and check it out when you have some time as it covers everything from the little car’s beginning back in 1957 “when Leonard Lord, president of the British Motor Corporation (BMC), decided to develop a reliable, efficient small car for consumers…”, all the way to the viral advertising campaign known to all MINI enthusiasts as Hammer and Coop!

[ How the MINI Cooper Works ]

Grassroots Motorsports 2007 MINI Cooper S Blog

It’s no secret that the car enthusiasts over at Grassroots Motorsports magazine are big MINI and Mini fans. Technical Editor Per Schroeder owned and autocrossed a stock Chili Red MINI Cooper for years. Recently he traded in the Cooper for a Sparkling Silver 2007 MINI Cooper S and he’s preparing the new MINI for the autocross course. You can follow his exploits on the Grassroots Motorsports 2007 MINI Cooper S Blog.† Good luck, Per!

Grassroots Motorsports MINI Cooper S